Harry Strange in The Stones of Solomon por Tony Sarrecchia

Harry Strange in The Stones of Solomon por Tony Sarrecchia

Titulo del libro : Harry Strange in The Stones of Solomon
Autor : Tony Sarrecchia

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Tony Sarrecchia con Harry Strange in The Stones of Solomon

"Magic and magical people--the 'unnatural order' is all around us. There are benevolent witches, malevolent witches, demons, vamps, werewolves, shape shifters, ghosts; it's a protoplasmic party of creature features out there. But unless you know where to look, you won't find them. I know where to look. My name is Harry Strange."A beautiful woman walks into Harry's office and asks him to recover some property stolen by her ex-lover. Harry surmises two things, she's not telling him everything, and she's rich. He takes the case. Much later, he'll discover those 'little stones' can mean the end to creation.Along the way to saving the world Harry fights demons, the mistress of nightmares, vampires, werewolves, Lilith, and a horrible little troll of a man named Mr. K.For the first time in print, the first season of The Harry Strange Radio Drama.These are the original, uncut scripts from the award winning Harry Strange Radio Drama. Episodes in this edition:Harry Strange 101: Comes a Hero Harry Strange 102: Teenaged Girls do the Darnedest ThingsHarry Strange 103: The White LadyHarry Strange 104: The Mara (Part I)Harry Strange 105: The Mara (Part II)Harry Strange 106: The Mara (Part III) Harry Strange 107: The Sad Tale of Albert FinkelHarry Strange 108: SansavaniHarry Strange 109: Den of the ScepterHarry Strange 110: The Toaster-Pastry TestHarry Strange 111: The Immortal Harry Strange 112: LaylaHarry Strange 113: St. Luna IslandHarry Strange 114: Romeo ChaseHarry Strange 115: Harry Strange Harry Strange 116: The Blink of an EyeThis 398-page volume includes a Forward by the Sonic Society's Jack Ward and a Brief History of Harry Strange by Tony Sarrecchia.

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